How do I start?

Stained glass panel in the nave of St. John's ...Image via WikipediaHow do I start?

The kingdom of heaven must arrive in our hearts. This means turning away from our self-centeredness and “Self” control and turning our life over to Christ’s direction and control.

(Matthew 4:17)”From that time Jesus began to preach his message: “Turn away from your sins, because the Kingdom of Heaven is near!”

How has coming to know Jesus been like moving from darkness to light for you?

You have turned your life over to God your Father and have rejected evil and your earthly desires.

(Matthew 8:26)”Why are you so frightened? Jesus answered. “What little faith you have!” Then he got up and ordered the winds and the waves to stop, and there was a great calm.”

You have realized that if you don’t trust your Heavenly Father and turn your life over to Him, Life has very little meaning.

No plan – Our God would not be in ultimate control.

No promise – Our gospel would be empty.

No power – Our faith would be aimless wishing.

No pardon – Our sins would stain our souls.

No peace – Our fear of the future would rob us of the joy of living.

No purpose – Our life would be a cul-de-sac with no exit.

(God’s Will in Your Life, Dr. Lloyd John Ogilive).

Trust in your Father in Heaven, has now become what you desire most.

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I am a retired Lay Minister, acting as a prophet for God to understand the end times that is comingg and how to prepare for it.
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