More to life.Is there really more to life than meets the eye?

Stained glass window in the nave of St. John's...Image via WikipediaMore to life.Is there really more to life than meets the eye?

Let us start by working on your personal faith (wisdom concerning God). Christian faith therefore is personal knowledge of God acquired through Christ.

(1 Clement 17:7-8)”But how, beloved, shall we do this? We must fix our minds by faith towards God, and seek those things that are pleasing and acceptable unto him.”

“We must act comfortably to his holy will; and follow the way of truth, casting off from us all unrighteousness and inequity, together with all covetousness, strife, evil manners, deceit, whispering, detractions; all hatred of God, pride and boasting; vain glory and ambition.”

What clues can we look far in ourselves to determine whether we are acting out of servanthood or servitude in a given situation?

Faith is not primarily belief in truths (propositions) which have been revealed to us by God through the Bible and the Church; rather it is the way we come to the knowledge of God as God.

The object of faith, is God, our Creator, Judge, and Savior. It is our perception of God in the midst of life.

(1 Clement 17:23)”But who are his enemies? Even the wicked, and such who oppose their own wills to the will of God.”

For the interpretation of one’s faith is theology itself. Theology is as St. Anselem of Canterbury defined it, “Faith seeking understanding.” Theology is that process by which we bring our knowledge and understanding of God to the level of action.

(1 Clement 17:36)”let the wise man show forth his wisdom not in words, but in good works.”

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I am a retired Lay Minister, acting as a prophet for God to understand the end times that is comingg and how to prepare for it.
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