Father’s Work.Even the Son does the Father’s work!

Jesus Christ SuperstarImage by MJ Cobweb via FlickrFather’s Work.Even the Son does the Father’s work!

(John 17:3-4)”And eternal life means to know you, the only true God, and to know Jesus Christ, whom you sent. I have shown your glory on earth; I have finished the work you gave me to do.”

What two phrases sum up your goal for the past year? How does this relate to God’s purpose?

For Jesus Christ, the world was not warm, convenient or glorious. Christ stepped out to begin God’s plan for his children. And it cost Christ to do it.

Jesus Christ gave us a gift – a gift that cost Him dearly.

Think for a moment of what it meant for a all-powerful God to become a human with little power here on earth. To start in a baby’s body at that. What it meant for Him to relinquish His rights and privileges as God to be made “a little lower than the angels” and to arrive in a body of a baby with no control over anything. To have his “diaper changed” and his “bottom cleaned.”

And it was not just as a baby. He traded His Glory for the jeers and taunts of a religious leadership that was supposed to be representing Him. The called Him “criminal” instead of “Christ.” His gift would culminate with the agony of the cross.

He honored His Father by Committing His life to Him, can we not imitate the selfless and costly gift of Himself by committing to Him.

In effect he agreed to be as a little child and disciplined. He agreed to be raised as a adolescent, with the associated problems (dealing with rivalries) . A young man and running a carpenter shop (hitting his finger). And we cannot overlook his suffering at His crucifixion.

Would you say Jesus Christ was a therapist? How? What biblical evidence might there be for this conclusion?

Jesus gave glory to his Father when he was on earth. God the Father likes likes Praise and Worship. Don’t we all? Have you been giving him your share. Because if your not, it could mean that their is no real love. Real love demands respect of the individual you are imparting love on. If you have been involved in other areas and have not provided God with the praise and worship he deserves here on earth. What makes you think that he will think you are ready to do this in heaven. Since giving God his well deserved glory is our ultimate objective, we better be sure that we are proving to him that we can do it here on earth. Our religion and church should be providing us the opportunity, and we should be making use of the opportunity. In any case it is our responsibility.

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