Written on their hearts.

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(Jeremiah 31:31-34) are some of the greatest words in the book of Jeremiah and it points beyond Jeremiah’s own troubled time to the day when there would be a new covenant, one that God‘s people would keep without a teacher to remind them; because it would be written on their hearts.

One of these topic’s purposes, is to provide you with an additional guide to assisting you through the required growth.  We hope that these topics will help clarify this period of preparation and decision making, and provide you with some guidelines on how to complete this period, the best way possible sharing a child’s joy.

(Job 33:29-30)”God does all this again and again; he saves a person’s life, and give him the joy of living.”

Another purpose of these topics is to show how a loving God offers his people a rich and full heritage of life when we participate in a right relationship to him, and how when his people fail to achieve this relationship, their lives court disaster.  This is a lesson we all have to learn, within the experience of spiritually growing, and where we also learn the true nature of the rich heritage that is offered, and that it does not depend on material success but on the life of the spirit.

My coping with difficulties will be improved by?

Our loyalty should be to God’s truth, his way of life, and his dedicated people.

(1 Peter 2:11)”I appeal to you, my friends, as strangers and refugees in this world!  Do not give in to bodily passions, which are always at war against the soul.”

In terms of time, effort and money spent, which comes first for you?

(James 4:1-2)”Where do all the fights and quarrels among you come from?  They come from your desires for pleasure, which are constantly fighting within you.  You want things, but you cannot have them, so you are ready to kill; you strongly desire things, but you cannot get them, so you quarrel and fight.”

What are some outward signs of this inward submission to God?

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I am a retired Lay Minister, acting as a prophet for God to understand the end times that is comingg and how to prepare for it.
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