Can we actually meet Him, talk with Him, as His help for our everyday affairs? Yes!

"Cleric, Knight, and Workman": the t...Image via WikipediaCan we actually meet Him, talk with Him, as His help for our everyday affairs?  Yes!

Millions of men and women down the ages say, “Yes”.

Why do we have problems with this personal relationship?  Maybe it is because we say that we believe in God, yet we doubt Gods promises?

We say that in God we trust, yet we worry and try to manage our own affairs.

We say that we love Thee, O Lord, and  yet we do not obey Thee.

We believe that thou has the answers to all our problems, and yet we do not commit to His solutions.

I realize that to you, it is quite unbelievable, that God would guide your life; arrange the details of your everyday life.

To say that you, can directly, and in full possession of your faculties; get into communication with God sounds almost fantastic.

But that is precisely what is possible.

Do you realize what this tremendous fact’s significance is to you?

It means that no single event of your life will ever have to be faced alone –

Neither sorrow nor bereavement
pain nor loneliness
joy nor laughter.
It means that you need never make any decision with out His help and His guidance.

It means help for every part of your life.

But let us be honest – do we  really want to find, this personal relationship with Him?

This relationship that was established through his Resurrection.

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I am a retired Lay Minister, acting as a prophet for God to understand the end times that is comingg and how to prepare for it.
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