INT BEDROOM WITH BED Man sitting on edge of bed, talking to himself.

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INT BEDROOM WITH BED Man sitting on edge of bed, talking to himself.

MAN Boy, what a life. Nothing but work, eat and sleep. And then you add the stress of the job, trying to make time for the kids and the wife. It hardly makes any sense, and now they add such things as war, crime, and other areas. I wonder how I can get out of this.

MAN (CONT’D) Well no answers are going to come tonight. I guess I may as well go to sleep. Man crawls under the covers and goes to sleep.

DREAM TRANSITION INT. BANQUET AREA Nicodemus and wife are being shown to their seats at a bridal table. The people around the table are ignoring them, and are in a agitated attitude.

BRIDE How could you let this happen. I have never heard of a wedding banquet running out of wine. What are we to do?

GROOM I am sorry. I don’t know what to do. Does anyone have any ideas. Nicodemus is irritated, and clears his throat quite loudly trying to attract attention. Groom turns to him.

GROOM (CONT’D) Sir, do you have any ideas on how we can solve this shortage of wine?

NICODEMUS Sir! Do you realize who you are addressing. I am Nicodemus, a member of the Sanhedren. I have been a member for the last 30 years, and I have not as yet encountered such lack of respect.

NICODEMUS (CONT’D) You have ignored me when I came. And you ask me questions; that a woman should be asked. At this moment, a women walks up to the bride and groom, as if to congratulate them.

NICODEMUS (CONT’D) Ask this woman that question!

GROOM Mary it is nice to see you. We seem to be short of wine. Do you have any ideas on how we can solve this problem.

MARY I do not have any ideas. Let me go and ask my son, if he has any ideas.

MARY WALKS OFF. INT BANQUET AREA-IN A BACK CORNER. Mary walks up to a man and asks:

MARY They have no more wine.

JESUS Dear woman, why do you involve me? My time has not yet come. Mary turns to servants standing nearby.

MARY Do whatever he tell you.

JESUS Fill the jars with water. The servants fill some empty jars with water, from other jars filled with water. Their should be a tight shot by the camera on the water pouring from one jar to another. When the jar is full.

JESUS (CONT’D) Now draw some out and take it to the groom. The servants fill a wine glass from the jars (which now have wine) they just filled, and they walk off.

PAN TO BRIDAL TABLE INT BANQUET AREA The wine glass is presented. The groom drinks from it.

GROOM This wine is excellent. Where did you get it

SERVANT This man Jesus told us to fill the wine jars with water. Then he told us to take some out and bring it to you. He must have changed the water to wine, as a magician would.

GROOM This man must be a great man. Let us go and thank him for saving our wedding. The wedding party gets up from the table, except for Nicodemus and his wife, and walk away.

CUT TO: INT BANQUET AREA-TIGHT SHOT ON NICODEMUS AND WIFE. Nicodemus quite upset is talking to his wife.

NICODEMUS There they go doing it to me again. Showing no respect. I certainly deserve more respect than a magician.

NICODEMUS (CONT’D) People today have no respect for religion or it’s leaders. You would think that the people are attracted to such a person as this magician. He could be quite a dangerous person. Who did they say he was?

WIFE Jesus

NICODEMUS Well I better check on this Jesus person, so I can report back to the Sanhedren on how he is leading people away from the true faith.

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