Mental Attitudes


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Mental Attitudes

Measure yourself on these mental attitudes

Poor in Spirit: I have come to the place where I feel accepted by God and do not need success in the world. I recognize my need for God and know that I do not have to earn His/world’s love with wealth, status, or spiritual sophistication.

Mourn: I have come to the place where I can really feel the empty places in my life. I can let others know when I am hurting and share the grief of others without embarrassment. I can weep like Jesus did.

Meek: I have come to the place where I don’t have to be the strong one all the time. I can be tender and gentle with people. I’ve given the control of my life to God and I don’t have to be “in control” all the time.

Spiritual Hunger: I have come to the place where I want to Know God as my LORD and His will for my life more than anything. I am more excited about God’s will for the world than my own financial gain, success in my career, or acceptance by my6 peers. I long for God’s perspective in my decision making.

Merciful: I have come to the place where I can enter into the feelings of someone who is hurting, lonely, or distressed and feel alongside them in their pain. God has given me a sensitivity for the suffering of others.

Pure in Heart: I have come to the place where I can be completely open and honest with God and others – transparent because I have nothing to hide. I don’t have to put on “airs,” or pretend to be what I’m not.

Peacemaker: I have come to the place where I really work at keeping the channels of communication open between me and those around me. I deal with anger and disagreements immediately and don’t allow them to fester. I encourage those around me to work out their differences without hurting one another.

Persecution:I have come to the place where I know what I am living for, and for this cause I am not afraid to suffer and, if need be, die. I am willing to “take the heat” and stand alone for what is right. I can take criticism without feeling self-pity or self-righteousness.

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