Who created you


Ary Scheffer: The Temptation of Christ, 1854
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Who created you

Who created you?  Who can you ultimately depend on?  Where can you find supreme truth?  Where can you find happiness?  Did you answer anything but God for these questions?  If so, you may be in danger of falling into idolatry.  Pull yourself out of that trap and let God be the one you rely on.

How might the purpose of God be traced in some recent events?

Our control of our world is not one of the options we are allowed.  We either “Trust God” or we are not God’s child.  None of God’s children’s accomplishments are possible without mutual love and trust.  There can not be a proper relationship between us and our Creator/Father without this.  We either believe he is God, and has created everything or he is not our God.  If he has created everything, he is in control of everything.  Therefore he does not need our help.  Just as a mother may allow a child to help her while she bakes a cake God will allow us to help control the world around us.  This mother could bake the cake better by herself, but she does allow the child to help, for his growth.  God provides us the opportunity to be involved with the world in order to provide us a growth experience.  If we walk by our own light and reject God’s, we become self-sufficient, and the result of self-sufficiency is torment.  We risk torment later when these strengths fade.

(Isaiah 50:10)”All of you that have reverence for the Lord and obey the words of his servant, the path you walk may be dark indeed, but trust in the Lord, rely on your God.”

We have already seen that the Bible teaches that God was a God of love.  he wanted to do something for man.  He wanted to save man.  He wanted to free man from the curse of sin.  How could He do it?  God was a just God. He was righteous, and holy.  He had warned man from the beginning that if he obeyed the Devil and disobeyed God, he  would die physically and spiritually….

All through the Old Testament, God gave man the promise of salvation if by faith he would believe in the coming Redeemer.  Therefore God began to teach His people that man could only be saved by substitution.  Someone else would have to pay the bill for man’s redemption….

Thanks be to God – that is exactly what happened!  Looking down over the battlements of heaven he saw this planet swinging in space – doomed, damned, crushed, and bound for hell.  He saw you and me struggling beneath our load of sin and bound in the chains and ropes of sin.  he made His decision in the council halls of God.  The angelic hosts bowed in humility and awe as heaven’s Prince of princes and Lord of Lords, who could speak worlds into space, got into His Jeweled chariot, went through pearly gates, across the steep of the skies, and on a black Judean night, while the stars sang together and the escorting angels chanted praises, stepped out of the chariot,, threw off His robes and became man!

(From Peace with God by Billy Graham)

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