Ask him for help

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Ask him for help

How does your life say “God, I don’t trust you” in money matters, relationships, honesty, entertainment choices?  Tell God all of your worries.  Admit your defiance and ask him for help.

When was the last time you tried to sneak something past God so he wouldn’t notice?

Another aspect of Trust in our Father; is that we should not worry or be concerned about situations that occur in our life.  If we as earthly children would worry and concern ourselves with areas of the responsibility of our parents, we would become nervous wrecks.  We would also dishonor our parents by implying that they cannot handle these areas.  We are useful only to the extent that we allow God to use us.

(Isaiah 10:15)But the Lord says, “Can an ax claim to be greater than the man who uses it?  Is a saw more important than the man who saws with it?  A club doesn’t lift up a  man; a man lifts up a club.”

The struggle we have with a holy God is rooted in the conflict between God’s righteousness and our unrighteousness.  He is just and we are unjust.  This tension creates fear, hostility, and anger within us toward God.  The unjust person does not desire the company of a just judge.  We become fugitives fleeing from the presence of One whose glory can bind us and whose justice can condemn us.  We are at war with Him unless or until we are justified…

I remember the sultry summer day in 1945 when I was busy playing stickball in the streets of Chicago.  At that time my world consisted of the piece of real estate that extended from one manhole cover to the next.  All that was important to me was that my turn at bat had finally come.  I was most annoyed when the first pitch was interrupted by an outbreak of chaos and noise all around me.  People started running out of apartment doors screaming and beating dishpans with wooden spoons.  I thought for a moment it might be the end of the world.  It was certainly the end of my stickball game.  In the riotous confusion I saw my mother rushing toward me with tears streaming down her face.  She scooped me up in her arms and squeezed me, sobbing over and over again, “It’s over, it’s over, it’s over!”

It was VJ Day, 1945.  I wasn’t sure what it all meant, but one thing was clear.  It meant that the war had ended and my father was coming home.  No more airmail to far-away countries.  No more listening to the daily news reports about battle casualties…. The war was over and peace had come at last.

That moment of jubilation left a lasting impression in my childhood brain.  I learned that peace was an important thing, a cause for unbridled celebration when it was established and for bitter remorse when it was lost….

When God signs a piece treaty, it is a sign for perpetuity.  The war is over forever and ever.  of course we still sin; we still rebel; we still commit acts of hostility toward God.  But God is not a co-beligerent.  he will not be drawn into warfare with us.  We have an advocate with the Father.  We have a mediator who keeps the peace.  he rules over the peace because He is both the Prince of Peace and He is our peace.

(From The Holiness of God by R.C. Sproul)

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