Your defenses


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Your defenses

What views about sin have softened so that they are even acceptable among Christians?  What areas of life has this affected?  Male-female relationships?  Social settings?  Family life?  Don’t be drawn in by the world’s standards.  Be morally pure in your dating or marriage relationship.  Be bold in keeping a high standard.  Don’t let Satan wear down your defenses.

Could your heart be deceiving you about the motives of some of your actions at work?  At Home?  In relationships?

A Child of Our Father in Heaven must change his attitude to one of trust and confidence.  God who feeds the birds and dresses the lilies is not likely to neglect his children.  So anxiety about the future is foolish and unnecessary (Matt. 6:25-34).

As part of canceling out this anxiety about the future, we must trust God to know what job we should be doing as part of our training.  As Children of God we need to: do our jobs where we are and trust God that he will move us as he decides.  Our only concern, should be to do the best we can where we are, to bring “Glory to God” and to learn the qualities God is training us in.

One of the tools God provides us to assist us in this action, is  the ability to pray to him (talk to him).  This prayer should be directed to committing ourselves to his “will being done” and asking him for the grace or ability to trust him and to cope with difficulties.  We should make this a natural part of our day as we go through with it.  It should occur as if you were working side by side with your best friend, because you are.  Your conversation with him should take place within your heart and mind as things occur within your day.  And another factor is, if you start your day with committing yourself to his control, you will be living a prayer.

Humility is a keynote of life lived under the rule of God (Luke 14:7-11).  Remember, obedience is not something extra we do; it is our duty.  He is attacking unwarranted self esteem and spiritual pride.

(Luke 17:9-10)”The servant does not deserve thanks for obeying orders, does he?  It is the same with you; when you have done all you have been told to do, say, ‘We are ordinary servants: we have only done our duty.'”

Which quality of a disciple do you have the most difficulty with?

This profound statement by Christ, grabs us.  It should be written on every Child of God’s  heart.

(Judith 8:12-18)”What right do you have to put God to the test as you have done today?  Who are you to put yourselves in God’s place in dealing with human affairs?  It is the Lord Almighty that you are putting to the test!  Will you never learn?  There is no way that you can understand what is in the depths of a human heart or find out what a person is thinking.  Yet  you dare to read God’s mind and interpret his thoughts!  How can you claim to understand God, the Creator?  No, my friends, you must stop arousing the anger of the Lord our God!  If he decides not to come to our aid within five days, he still may rescue us at any time he chooses.  Or he may let our enemies destroy us.  But you must not lay down conditions for the Lord our God!  Do you think that he is like one of us?  Do you think you can bargain with him or force him to make a decision?  No!  Instead, we should ask God for his help and wait patiently for him to rescue us.  If he wants to, he will answer our cry for help.  We do not worship gods made with human hands.”

The distinctive Christian attitude is therefore one of humble and thankful trust in God, and dependence on  what he has done through Christ, in short, “faith.” (Romans 1:17).

(Judith 9:5-6)”Your hand guided all that happened then, and all that happened before and after.  You have planned it all – what is happening now, and what is yet to be.  Your plans have always been carried out.  Whatever  you want to be done is as good as done.  You know in advance all that you will do and what decisions you will make.”

What is my prayer plan?

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