I cry out


The Flagellation of Our Lord Jesus Christ (1880)
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I cry out

(Psalm 3:4)”To the Lord I cry aloud and he answers me from his holy hill.”

From what are you praying for deliverance?

Trials of any sort aren’t enjoyable especially when the trial involves a family conflict.  But for the child of God they are never without a purpose.

This is hard to remember when the battle is raging or when the pain is at it’s worst.  We often don’t see God’s purpose until the trial has passed.  It’s possible God has a greater good for you in the trial than He would have outside of it.  If your trial hasn’t passed, ask God for a new sense of the hope we have in trusting our Lord.

How will you implement what has been learned on your job in life?

Senior citizens and our Christian teachers have some very special responsibilities.  They should teach the younger by words and by example.

(Titus 2:1-6)But you must teach what agrees with sound doctrine, Instruct the older men to be sober,  sensible, and self-controlled; to be sound in their faith, love, and endurance.  In the same way instruct the older women to behave as women who should live a holy life.  They must not be slanderers or slaves to wine.  They must teach what is good, in order to train the younger women to love their husbands and children, to be self-controlled and pure, and to be good housewives who submit themselves to their husbands, so that no one will speak evil of the message that comes from God.  In the same way urge the young men to be self-controlled.

How can you help others as a mentor?

You mean I can’t be jealous or fight with anyone.  What will I do to pass the day?  Love is one suggestion.  Attitudes are as important as actions.  Just as hatred, leads to murder; so jealousy leads to strife and lust to adultery.  Christ wants his people clean on the inside as well as the outside.

(Romans 13:13-14)”Let us conduct ourselves properly, as people who live in the light of day – no orgies or drunkenness, no immorality or indecency, no fighting or jealousy.  But take up the weapons of the Lord Jesus Christ, and stop paying attention to your sinful nature and satisfying its desires.”

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