Wearing Jesus Christ

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Wearing Jesus Christ

What must change to insure that others see you “wearing” Jesus Christ?

We must give up drunkenness, fighting, jealousy, and a lot more that will not be easy.

(1 Clement 1:15)
“Ye were kind one to another without grudging; being ready to do every good work.  And being adorned with a conversation altogether virtuous and religious, yes did all things in the fear of God; whose commandments were written on the tables of your heart.”

What is your plan for dealing with jealousy?

Humility in relation to others is needed.

(1 Clement 1:8)
“Ye were all of you humble minded, not boasting of anything; desiring rather to be subject than to govern; to give them to receive; being content with the portion God had dispensed to you;”

What is your plan to implement humility in your life?

Humility is acquired through discipline.  The hold their negative impulses in check.  They avoid and resist distractions and temptations; which drain their money, moral, and the bodies capabilities.  When emotions aren’t controlled they lead to discouragement and depression.

Those who have this inner strength, will finally succeed.  They have highs and lows; but they don’t allow the low times to distract them from eternity.  They don’t quit when times are tough.

(1 Clement (7:1-2 )
“Let us therefore humble ourselves, brethren, laying aside all pride, and boasting, and foolishness, and anger; and let us do as it is written.”

“For thus saith the Holy Spirit; let not the wise man glory in his strength, nor the strong man in his strength, nor the rich man in his riches; but let him that glorieth, glory in the Lord, to seek him, and to do judgment and justice.”

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