Dealing with Challenges

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Dealing with Challenges

We have discussed how we need to work with the purpose we are here for. Let us now take a further look at how we can cope with our challenges through pursuing our purpose here in this world.

Let us break down our main purpose into the 5 sub-purposes for our lives. They are worship of our ‘Highest God,” fellowship with Jesus and our brothers and sisters in Christ, discipleship in our faith, ministry to other humans, and evangelism.

We need the “Highest God

We need to realize that we are not in control of our lives. WE need to place God in control.

“Happy are those who know they are spiritually poor.” Matthew 5:3 (TEV)

The Root Cause of humanities Problems is trying to play God.


1. We try to control our lives and hide from ourselves and others that we are unable to successfully.

2. We try to control other people by manipulating each other through guilt or shame or praise or even through silence.

3. We try to control our challenges by saying things like: “I can handle it; it’s not really a problem. I don’t need any help.

4. We try to control our failure by avoiding it, denying it, escaping it, medicating it, or postponing it.

But the first step in getting our lives on the right path is where we realize AND accept the fact that we are not God, and we need help from someone much greater then ourselves to successfully get our lives into control.

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