Bad Things


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Bad Things

Think of the misery that comes into our lives by our restless gnawing greed.  We plunge ourselves into enormous debt and then take two and three jobs to stay afloat.  We uproot our Families with unnecessary moves just so we can have a more prestigious house.  We grasp and grab and never have enough.  And most destructive of all our flashy cars and sports spectaculars and backyard pools have a way of crowding out much interest in the family, love of people, and those areas and virtues that make life worth living.  How clearly the Apostle Paul saw this when he warned that our lust for wealth causes us to fall into Many senseless and hurtful desires that plunge men into ruin and destruction” (1 Tim. 6:9).

But we do not need to be imprisoned to greed.  We can be ushered into a life of peace and serenity.

We weary of competing commitments and exhausting schedules.  We desire to be obedient to God in all things, and have a growing knowledge that this frantic scramble is not his will.  We yearn to enter the deep silences that give unity and direction to our lives.

Desire, however, is not enough.  If we expect to enter the inward peace for which we were created, we will need to order our lives in specific ways.  The things we do will not give us peace, but they will put us in the training program where we can receive it.

It is wonderful – this resting in God, this stilling of frantic activity this seeking first His Kingdom.

We must have a time to still the churning, to quiet the restlessness, to meditate on the almighty God who dwells in our hearts.

The experience of pressure is an intrinsic aspect of all Christian living and it appears that this has always been so.  You are invited to identify with one or more traits or experiences of biblical leaders under pressure, and seek to apply new learning in specific areas of your own life.  There is a flow of experience and wisdom in the community of faith there is much that we can learn from the past.  In particular, the varied dimensions of brokenness portrayed in the lives of biblical leaders, and the rich learning – and sometimes healings – which they experienced by the grace and love of God, may inform and give profound insight to servant – children in the modern church.

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