2. Rationalization


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2.  Rationalization
The second type of aggressive psychological adjustment is called Rationalization.  Rationalization occurs when a person gives excuses for his actions without realizing that this is what he is doing.  It is a way of not facing the unpleasant, but the real reasons for the actions.  Rationalization can also be illustrated from the Bible.  Read Proverbs 22:13.

What is the reason that the sluggard (a lazy person) gives for not wanting to go out?
However, what is the real reason why he will not work?
Since this person cannot face the unpleasant fact that he is lazy, what psychological adjustment does he use to deceive himself?
Another example can be found in Acts 24-25.  Read this portion from the book of Acts.  Felix gave the false reason of “”He didn’t have any more time to listen to Paul” for cutting the conversation short.  The real reason was : the message of coming judgment frightened Felix.

Rationalization is an unconscious way of making oneself seem to be right.  The person who rationalizes really believes that he is giving the true reasons for his actions when, in fact, they are False reasons.  Who is being deceived, when rationalization takes place?  See I John 1:8.

So then, Rationalization consists of giving , but more acceptable reasons, for our actions without realizing that we are deceiving ourselves because we cannot accept the reasons.

Now let’s compare the two psychological adjustments we have studied.  Both of them are adjustments.

The  psychological adjustment in which I see, and dislike, in other people the very faults which I cannot see in my own life is called?
It is possible for me to overlook my own faults because I hide them with false reasons, without knowing that they are false reasons.  In other words, I use the adjustment called?
Write a definition of “Rationalization”.  Also write a “Biblical Example”.

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