4. Regression


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4.  Regression
Regression is the first Defensive adjustment.  Regression occurs when a person who finds himself in a difficult situation unconsciously goes back to a form of childish behavior which helped him solve the problem in his youth.  Now, such behavior only make the adult look foolish.  Here is a sample list below of them.

Pretending to be sick.
Doing something foolish without thinking about it.
Kicking or throwing something when you angry at someone.
Pretending to be annoyed or upset.
Refusing to speak to someone who has offended you.
Crying and sobbing anytime someone talks to you.
Acting like a baby.
Regression can also be illustrated from the Bible.  One of the kings of Israel, a man named Ahab, wanted a vineyard that belonged to a humble neighbor named Naboth.  But, Naboth did not want to sell the property.  Read I Kings 21:4.

What did Ahab do?
What psychological adjustment was Ahab using:
When a person refuses to perform a task which he is perfectly able to do, he most often uses regression as a means of avoiding it.  Many timid believers say that they cannot testify, when in truth the problem is that they DO NOT WANT to testify because they are afraid.  They are using regression.

In Jeremiah 1:6, the prophet used regression when he said that he could not testify to the people because he was a .
Gideon, in Judges 6:15, also used regression when he told the Lord that he could not save Israel because his family was the in Mannasseh and he was the in his family.
Believers sometimes use regression to avoid responsibilities in the church.  This is sad indeed.  Read Hebrews 5:13-14.

According to verse 14, God wants every believer to grow to
However, some believers, instead of growing, remain spiritual
What psychological adjustment is condemned by these verses?
Now write a description of Regression and some Biblical and Personal” examples.

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