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Before we finish today’s lesson, a word of CAUTION ought to be added.  NOT all reactions are psychological adjustments.  It is possible for instance, for a person to see a real fault in someone else that he does not have himself.  Therefore, when one recognizes a fault and lovingly tries to help a brother or sister to overcome it, it is NOT a .  It is also possible that a man may find it necessary to return home from work and correct a serious, and very real problem in his family.  The problem may have nothing to do with his boss and so then, it is not the adjustment we call .  A believer may have a completely reasonable and true explanation for what appears to be a mistake.  This then, is not a .  It may also be that one is not God‘s will for them at the moment.  This then, is not a .  And finally, it is also possible to be truly sick, without sin or any other mental conflict.  This is not an example of .

Nevertheless, Psychosomatic illness have increased sharply in the last few years, especially in urban areas.  Urbanization is one of the main causes because human beings are fearful of the mental conflicts which are created in the cities.  So then, let’s return to our starting point in this lesson: FEAR.  In the list below are some of the causes of fear and mental conflict in the world today.

The fear of failure.
Unstable financial conditions.
The fear of being replaced by another.
Social injustices.
Tension between parents and their children.
Competition in society which pushes the weak aside.
Unfaithfulness in marriages.
Sicknesses which cannot be cured, such as cancer.
Fear of war.
The power of evil.
The loneliness of the big city

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