Complete peace


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Complete peace

Let us compare the “man” Peter who was afraid of the stormy water, with the Son of Man, the perfect man, Jesus Christ.  Jesus had complete peace.

Peter sank into the water because he lacked what thing? (Matt. 14:31)
When Peter cried out for Jesus’ help, what did the Lord do?
Read Isaiah 41:10.  Why should God‘s children not be afraid?
Read each of the following verses.  expressing Faith: Psalm 23:4; 27:1; 34:4; 56:11; 118:6.  So then, the right way for a believer to react to fear is to do as Peter did.  We should cry out to and live by .
All of us, You and I and others, are “Peters” in the water.  Our only solution is to take the hand of so that we may be able to deal with the circumstances which threaten us.  We can learn an extremely important lesson from Peter’s example.  In order to fact the world in which we must live, our in the Lord must grow.

Read I John 4:18.  We must also care for those who have fallen into fear, and who are using psychological adjustments to avoid the problems.  However, we must be certain to deal with the root of the problem which is fear.  According to I John 4:18, what can we do to help others overcome their fear?

So then, the coach/counselor/pastor must deal gently with others who have fallen into fear.  The psychological adjustments in this lesson have their root cause in the which every man or woman faces.

The proper reaction to the situations which cause fear is in the LORD Jesus Christ, and which “drives out” .

Today’s subject has had two purposes:

To help you understand yourself better.
To help you understand others better.

Take some time to review these five Psychological adjustments in your devotional time.  Look them over and apply solutions for them in your own life.  Every time you find that your fears have made you fall into one of these situations, ask the Lord Jesus to forgive you and to give you more faith in Him.
Also ask the Lord to give you a new and better understanding of the way in which your Brothers and Sisters in Christ Act.  Ask Him for patience, remembering that fear and the lack of Confidence in the Lord are the Basic causes of all the upsets and disturbances in everyone’s life.

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