Human personality


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Human personality

The arguments with the High priests and Pharisees continued all day Tuesday in the temple.  At one point one of them asked Jesus what was the Greatest Commandment.  In today’s subject we are going to look at his answer to that question and see what it has to teach us about the human personality and our relationship to God.

Begin your study by Reading Matthew 22:34-40 and answering the following questions.

On what day did this episode take place?
Where did it take place?
Who asked Jesus the question found in verse 36?
Which religious group of the Jews did this man represent?
What was the question that he asked?
How many commandments did Jesus give in His answer?
The episode is also found in Mark 12:28-34.  Read the episode in Mark and answer the following:

According to verse 28, who asked Jesus the question?
The teachers of the law were friends of which religious party of Jews?
Did the teacher of the law Agree or Disagree with Jesus’ answer?
What did Jesus say to him?
When the teacher of the law listened to Jesus’ answer seriously and agreed with what Jesus said, he showed that he also understood the importance of the Great Commandment.

Read Matthew 22:37.  What is the Great Commandment?
Where can this be found in the Old Testament?
According to Jesus, what is the second most important commandment?
Where can this commandment be found in the Old Testament?
Jesus answered the teacher’s question by putting together Two Old Testament verses.  Both of these verses talk about the same thing., although they have to do with different persons.  Both of these commandments tell us to .

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