The Great Commandment


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The Great Commandment
Now let’s look at the First of these Two Commandments more closely.  Read Matthew 22:37.  The First commandment says that we are to God with ALL of our , , and .

These three aspects of the human personality include all of man.  In other words, the Great Commandment teaches us to love God: TOTALLY.

At this point we should notice that there is a small difference between the way that Mark quotes this verse from the Old Testament and the way that Matthew quotes it.  Read Mark 12:30.  What word does Mark Add to the quotation from the Old Testament?

Modern psychologists describe the human personality with these words: Emotions, Intellect, Will.  Notice how closely these modern terms match the words that Jesus used to describe man’s personality.  Answer below by matching the modern terms with the words which are used in the Bible.

Heart: Feeling joy, sorrow, etc.  The
Mind: That part which thinks.  The
Strength: What causes us to do things.  The
A person’s Will is that part of the inner being which enables one to make decisions and to control one’s own actions..  It makes it possible for a person to DO or NOT DO something which he or she has decided upon.  Which one of the terms Jesus used refers to this same aspect of the human personality?

On the other hand, when we talk about the Feelings which we have in our heart, we are talking about that part of the human personality which, in modern terms, is called the .

Our ability to understand, to learn, and to KNOW is a part of the human personality the Bible calls the and which we call the today.

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