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When God first created man in His own image, man was perfect.  This means that the Soul of man was also .  Man’s soul was made perfect in man’s

So, before the sin of Adam, the three parts of man’s personality worked together in perfect balance.  But, when sin came into the world through Adam’s disobedience to God, it Upset The Balance between the three parts of man’s inner being.  Thus, people are often under the control of One or Two of these parts of the personality, while the others are left out.  For instance,

When a person falls in love with someone who is not a believer and marries him/her against the direction of the Scripture, she/he is allowing the and the to control the .
On the other hand, one who spends a great deal of time studying the Word of God and who becomes deeply emotional over the truths that are there but does not make any changes in his/her life is allowing the and the to control their .
A Christian who knows the Ten Commandments from memory and who obeys them outwardly, without any inward understanding in the heart is being controlled by the and the while putting aside the .
But, when man sinned, it was not just the balance between the parts of the personality which was changed.  The aspects of the personality themselves were Twisted Out Of Shape so that they no longer functioned in the way they were supposed to, at least not all the time.  In Romans 7:18, Paul writes: “For I have the desire to do what is good, but I cannot carry it out.”  According to Paul’s own words, which part of his soul, the Emotions or the Will was:

let’s look at the way this may happen.

A Christian woman who for one moment feels real joy and the next moment feels deeply depressed has her twisted by the effects of sin among mankind.
A man who seems to be unable to understand the teachings of the gospel and appears to be mentally blind has his twisted by the effects of sin within men.
And, the person who knows what is right and wants to do it but simply cannot seem to do it has his twisted by the effects of sin.

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