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Image by Lawrence OP via Flickr

Image by Lawrence OP via Flickr


According to I Peter 1:9, Christians receive the salvation of their .  The purpose of Jesus’ ministry was not just to save a part of the human personality but to save all man’s .  That includes the , the , and the .

This is what Jesus is saying Mark 12:30.  Man must give ALL of his personality to love God with all of his: .  If a person is to love God in this way, it is necessary for us to love Him with ALL his:

Now, if we are to experience the complete restoration of our personality as a believer, Jesus teaches that there are Two things which are necessary.  These Two things are found in the Great Commandment.

Our attitude toward God is to be an attitude of: .
As the word ALL tells us, it is to be an attitude of:
So, if we are to have the Balance and nature of our human personality freed from the effects of sin, we must do as Jesus teaches in the Great Commandment and God .

During our study of the last Week of Jesus’ ministry, we shall see how He consecrated the  three parts of His own personality to God in love.

On Tuesday, during the long arguments with his enemies, Jesus showed that His understanding of the Scripture was far more profound than theirs.  Which of the parts of His personality did He use to break down the false arguments of His enemies?
Later that Same Tuesday Jesus left Jerusalem.  He was greatly moved by their rejection of His love and He wept over Jerusalem.  Read Matthew 23:37 and then compare it with Luke 19;41.  What part of Jesus’ personality is shown here?
On Thursday night in the Garden of Gethsemane Jesus faced a spiritual struggle about His coming death for the sins of mankind.  What part of His personality did Jesus have to consecrate totally to God in order to fulfill this part of God’s plan for His death on the cross?  Read Matthew 26:42.
The life of Jesus Christ represents a life that was lived in complete balance with a total love for God.

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