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Without Christ?

How does II Corinthians 4:4 describe the mind of the person who is without Christ?

Now Read II Corinthians 3:14-16.  These verses are part of a passage where Paul is talking about the Jewish people.  It explains why they did not even understand their own Scriptures.  According to verse 16, when is the veil taken away from our minds?

In the spaces below, write the word SATAN or CHRIST in the ones which apply to each.

Father of lies.
The source of all truth.
A mind which is full of light.
A mind full of darkness.
The source of all false doctrine.
The source of all that is opposed to God.
We have already seen that there are two ways in which Satan deceives the human mind about the things of the Lord.  He ADDS TO or TAKES AWAY FROM the Word of God.  The Sadducees and Pharisees were often the tools that Satan used to try to cause Jesus to fall.  he also used them to deceive those who were sincerely looking for the truth of God.

Which of the two groups was guilty of adding to the Word of God?
Which group took away from the Word of God?
Who prevented both of these two groups from properly understanding the Word of God?
The practices of the Sadducees and Pharisees are good examples of the two ways in which Satan deceives the mind of man.  What are the two means that Satan uses to blind the mind of man to the truth of God’s Word?

In our last subject we saw that Jesus showed His great intellectual ability by overcoming His enemies during the arguments which they began.

Where did these arguments take place?
On what day of the week?
Which part of His personality did Jesus use to overcome the arguments of His enemies?
Our analysis of these arguments must be divided into Two Parts.  Remember that they began when the high priests and Jewish leaders questioned Jesus’ authority.

The first part of the analysis includes Jesus’ Three Parables.  Review Matthew 21:28.
The second part of the analysis includes the Four questions and their answers.  They are found in Matthew 22:15-46.  Look over this passage quickly.

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