The First Question


James Tissot's John and the Pharisees

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The First Question
Read Matthew 22:15-22.

According to verse 15, what group of the Jews sent their followers to question Jesus?
Verse 16 says that there were some from another party of the Jews as well.  Who were they?
What was their purpose in asking this question?
According to verse 17, what was their question?
How do we know that their question was not a sincere one? (See verse 18.)
It had really been inspired by who is always in opposition to Christ.
Even though the question was asked for the purpose of trapping Jesus, His answer contains some very important teaching.

How did Jesus answer the Pharisees?
How did the Pharisees and Herodians react to this answer according to verse 22?
The Pharisees and Herodians thought that they had trapped Jesus with their question.  Had Jesus said that they should pay taxed to Caesar He would have made the Jewish crowds angry.  They hated the Romans.  But, had Jesus said that the taxes should not be paid, then the Romans would find Him guilty of treason.

Believers must obey the laws of the nation in which they live so long as they do not go against the Word of God.

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