Twisted by Sin


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Twisted by sin.

In Isaiah 5:20 God, speaking through the prophet, gives a description of the mind which is distorted and twisted by sin.

Isaiah says that they call and .  They substitute and and they substitute and .
So we can safely say that man, by himself, cannot discern between and .
The reason for this is that man’s mind has become and by sin.
Since the human intellect has been twisted and darkened by sin, it is necessary to have a standard of measurement to determine what is good and evil.  Such a standard of measurement is called a Scale of Values.  The Scale of Values is used to decide which is incorrect or correct, true or false, right or wrong.  Actually, man uses many different Scales of Value in different areas of life (Minutes-The time; Degrees – Temperature; Yards – Distance; Gallons – Amount of liquids.).

Now let’s apply this to the spiritual realm again.  How can a believer evaluate whether or not his spiritual life is good or bad?  Read Psalm 119:105.  By using the as a scale of values for Christian living.

Because the Bible is the inspired Word of God, it contains all that is necessary for the evaluation of doctrine and life.  Using the Bible’s teaching as our scale of values, we can now evaluate any teaching.  As an example the doctrine of the virgin birth can be discerned whether or not it is right or wrong, good or evil.

“We find ourselves face to face with one of the most discussed doctrines of the Christian faith: the Virgin Birth.  The Church does not insist that we believe this doctrine.” (William Barclay – Commentary on Luke, page 17)

Note that Barclay is saying that many people within the church today do NOT believe that Jesus was born of a virgin.  Using the Scripture as your Scale of Values, evaluate Barclay’s teaching.

Is it true or false?
What is the hidden error in this statement?
What does the Bible teach about this subject (Matthew 1:18-25)?
Barclay says that the Church does not insist that we believe the doctrine of the Virgin Birth of Jesus.

However, we have learned in the Apostles Creed: “I believe… in Jesus Christ… who was conceived by the and born of the Mary.”
Is Barclay’s statement that the Church does NOT require believers to accept this doctrine true, or is his teaching false?
Read the quotation from Barclay’s commentary on Luke which is found earlier again.  Now, in your own words, write an Evaluation of Barclay’s words as compared to what we have learned in Matthew 1 and in the Apostles Creed.

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