The Emotions


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Image by Lawrence OP via Flickr


The Emotions

Now that we have seen the need to give our minds completely to the Lord, we shall now look at a second part of the Human Personality: The Emotions.  The Tensions of modern life have had a great effect upon this area of the Human personality.  Today more than ever believers need to be ready to minister to the needs people have in this area.  They must also be able to achieve emotional stability themselves.

Tuesday Evening
Tuesday evening, after a long tiring day in the Temple which was filled with argument, Jesus returned to Bethany.  He had been questioned by the teachers of the law, Pharisees, and Sadducees.  Finally, Jesus denounced the religious leaders of the Jews for their hypocrisy.  This was to be the last time that Jesus would leave the Temple a free man and on His return to Bethany He wept over Jerusalem.  Read this episode in Matthew 23:37-39.  Which of the three parts of Jesus’ human personality is shown in this episode?

Our emotions (Anger, Fear, Love, Guilt feelings. Joy, Worry, etc.) are those deep feelings within each of us which stir us and cause us to be excited or depressed, happy or sad.

Without our emotions, man and women would be much like machines.  We would be exactly the same every day without depth to our personalities.  For instance,

A love song can easily be played on a tape recorder, but it is impossible for the machine itself to feel and respond to it.
Insults and hate-filled words may come from the speaker of the recorder, but the machine itself does not feel the toward something else.
The emotions are a precious gift from God which give flavor to all of life.  It is really not so much the intellect as it is the Emotions which carry man to the full height of his true purpose.  Man’s emotions elevate mankind to the full glory of the image of God.

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