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What a difference between a sermon which is preached by a man who is full of compassion for people, and a sermon which is merely repeated mechanically by a machine!  Were it not for man’s emotions, he would indeed be very much like a .

We should keep in mind that our emotions, like the rest of the human personality were created by God and that they were in the beginning.
The effects of man’s fall into sin are, however, felt in the emotions just as much as the intellect and the will.  Man’s emotions have been by sin.
Tension is very hard on the emotions.  Modern life is full of many such stresses and modern people suffer as a result.  Many people are emotionally unstable; some depend upon drugs to escape from the reality of everyday living.  Hospitals are full of people who suffer from emotional illnesses, nervous breakdowns, and serious mental problems.  In all of these cases, which part of the human personality has been damaged?

John Stott is an English scholar and preacher.  He writes in this regard:

“Sin has much more dangerous results upon our faculty of feeling (emotions) than upon our faculty of thinking (minds) due to the fact that our opinions (minds) are more easily faced and regulated by revealed truth than our emotions.”  (Adapted from Believing is Also Thinking, page 18)

According to Stott, which part of the human personality is more likely to be effected by sin?

Every honest believer knows that this is true.  Our emotions are distorted by sin.  They are like the molten lava that pours out from an active volcano, erupting at any moment in terrible and harmful ways which harm our whole personality.  It is extremely dangerous and harmful.

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