God’s Plan

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God’s Plan

Read Matthew 24:1-2.  Although Jesus prophesied that these events would take place and it was in God’s plan that this happen, they actually came about because of the uncontrolled emotions of the people of Jerusalem.  The same emotions which caused them to kill the prophets and to crucify Jesus Christ brought about the fulfillment of the prophecy.

Compare Jesus’ emotions.  How different they were!  He also felt very deeply about things, but His emotions were under God’s control.  Jesus describes His feelings in Matthew 23:37-39.

What did Jesus wish to do for the people in Jerusalem?
Jesus is using symbolism here.  What does this mean that Jesus wanted to do?
Steadiness best describes emotions which are placed in God’s control.  Uncontrolled emotions are changeable.  Often a believer’s control of the emotions is far behind the development of the intellect.  This is not as it should be.  We must each work to give control of our emotions to Jesus Christ so that we develop Emotional Stability in our lives.  We ought not to suffer spiritually because we keep our own Uncontrolled Emotions!  The question is, of course, how can a believer do this?  Read II Corinthians 5:7.  According to this verse, one of the keys to Emotional Stability is to walk by and not by .

The people of Jerusalem were not like this.  They lived by Sight and not by Faith.  When they saw Jesus riding into the capital city on a donkey’s colt at the Triumphal Entry, they were happy to welcome Him as their king.  But, just a few days later, when they Saw Jesus tied up and accused by their religious leaders before the Romans, they rejected Him.  They depended upon the changing circumstances of Life which can be seen with the physical eye.

Unfortunately there are many believers who also live by Sight and not by Faith.  Their emotions change according to what they see and experience at the present and this always changes.  They have not yet learned to give their uncontrolled emotions to God and allow Him to Control them.  On the other hand, faith rests upon the eternal love of God which does not change.  That love produces a steadiness in the human personality, including the emotions.

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