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The Song of Solomon states:  Many waters cannot quench love, rivers cannot wash it away.” (Song of Solomon 8:7) At this point it is necessary to emphasize something very important.

When we say that believers should live by faith and not by sight, we are NOT saying that our natural human emotions will be done away with.  Neither do we mean that we will never again experience anger or sadness or joy.  But, instead of these emotions remaining uncontrolled and even controlling us, they will be placed under the control of God’s love.

It would be a sad thing if our emotions were done away with.  God created man with emotions which were “very good”.  If these emotions were now done away with, we would become like without emotions.

Jesus Christ was the perfect man and our example.  he was not unfeeling nor insensitive to the things which were around Him.  He felt the same emotions that we do, as we can see in the following verses.  Write the emotion which can be seen in Jesus (compassion, sadness, anger, tears, joy, etc.) beside each of the verses in the list below.  Some of them may be used more than once.

Matthew 9:36.
Matthew 21:12.
Mark 3:5.
Luke 7;13.
Luke 10:21.
Luke 19:41.
John 11:35.
John 11:36.
We must remember that it is perfectly normal for people to react emotionally under certain conditions.  Fear, anger, joy, and sadness are typical of the reactions Jesus had and of the reactions that all men have.  These emotional reactions are just as normal as the sudden jerking of one’s hand when it touches something too hot.

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