The Spirit


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The Spirit

A person’s will is that FORCE within the SPIRIT which causes one to DO or NOT TO DO something.

According to this definition, what is the will?  It is a .
What does this SPIRITUAL FORCE do?  It causes a person or something.
How many people have this spiritual force within them?  It is in persons.
So then, is this same spiritual force found in you?
Remember that the EMOTIONS include only the DESIRE to do something.  On the other hand, the WILL moves us TO DO IT.  Thus, it requires a strong spiritual force.  In Romans 7:18, Paul said, “For I have the DESIRE to do what is good, but I cannot CARRY IT OUT.”  Which part of Paul’s personality was weak?

It is not the DESIRE to do good which is the hardest for us, but the actual DOING.  Which part of our personality, then, is the hardest one for us to allow God to control?

The believer should give ALL of his personality to God, including one’s will.  But, what is a surrendered will?  According to Jesus in John 6:38, a surrendered will means NOT doing , but .

Now that We have discovered what the word “Will” means and includes, we are going to look at what happened in the Garden of Gethsemane.  Our study will deal with doing the Will of God or not doing it.

We must always remember that Jesus Christ was not only truly God, but He was also truly man.  Read Matthew 26:45.

What title does Jesus use for Himself when he talks about His coming death?
Jesus was a real man with a body, with nerves, and with feelings just  like ours.  What would have been Jesus’ reaction as man when facing crucifixion?
However, in spite of this natural desire to avoid death, how does Jesus show His complete obedience to the will of His Father?

In Matthew 26:39
In Matthew 26:42
Yes, the consecrated will demands spiritual FORCE or STRENGTH.  Medical doctors state that, under certain circumstances of extreme SPIRITUAL OR MORAL STRENGTH OR FORCE, the body oversteps itself.  It goes beyond itself in such a way that the very small blood vessels under the skin burst.  Blood is then forced out into the sweat of the person.  What physical sign serves as proof of the great SPIRITUAL FORCE that Jesus used in accepting the will of God in the Garden of Gethsemane against His own human desires?  Read Luke 22:44.

The WILL is the Spiritual Force which is required, not only in talking about the Will of God, but also in DOING the will of God.  We shall see that Jesus not only said that He would accept the will of God, but He DID the will of God.  Jesus surrendered Himself quietly to His enemies in the Garden of Gethsemane.

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