NOT to do the will of God


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NOT to do the will of God?

Read Matthew 26:47-56.

Who was the only disciple that was NOT sleeping at this time?
Who sent an armed guard to arrest Jesus?
With what sign did Judas betray Jesus?
Read John 18:10.  Who pulled out his sword?
Whom did he wound with the sword?
Read Luke 22:51.  What did Jesus do?
Now read Matthew 26:52.  What did Jesus say?
According to Matthew 26:51 and Matthew 26:53, what two groups were willing to fight to defend Jesus?  a.  His , b.  The
Jesus quietly surrendered Himself to His enemies.  Why didn’t He allow them to fight in His defense?  Read Matthew 26:54 and 56.  He was determined to obey the announced in the .
Because Jesus practiced a Close relationship with His Heavenly Father, He was able to overcome by means of a consecrated will.  What means did Jesus use on three different occasions in Gethsemane to overcome the temptation NOT to do the will of God?

Prayer is the means by which we can get the spiritual strength we need to do the will of God.

According to verse 38, what had Jesus asked His disciples to do?
Did the disciples obey this?
What means did they NOT use to overcome temptation?
According to verse 41, Jesus’ request was: “Watch and .”
What was Jesus doing while His disciples slept?
Read Matthew 26:40.  Jesus rebuked His disciples with a question.  What was that question?
Jesus gained the needed strength to surrender His will to God through the means of .
With the help of the Holy Spirit, you and I can also find the necessary strength to do the will of God.  We already know in our hearts whether or not we have used this strength correctly like Jesus did, or if we have followed the will of the flesh like the disciples in Gethsemane.  The sad fact is that each time you put this spiritual strength aside, you begin to form the HABIT of disobeying the will of God.  This can be applied to all the daily situations of our lives.  For example, Read Hebrews 10:25.

What was the habit of some people?
For those believers who did not gather together , NOT doing the will of God had become a .

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