Doing the Will


Jesus is considered by scholars such as Weber ...

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Doing the will

On the other hand, doing the will of God can also become a habit.  Read Luke 4:16.

Who went to the synagogue?
Why did He go there?
Jesus gives us an example that we should all imitate.  He had the habit of doing the will of His Father.  What examples have we seen of the way in which we can form a habit of:

NOT doing the will of God?
DOING the will of God?
In the list below, click by the side of those you think to be helpful in forming the HABIT of DOING the will of God:

Obedience to God
Being kind to one’s boss
Being kind to employees
Cheating in work
Telling “little white lies”
Not reading the Bible
Talking about people
Disobeying one’s boss
Being kind
Being happy
Not attending church services
Being sloppy
Although it may seem that these things are not very important, they play a big part in the formation of a habit of doing the will of God.  When you marked them, you showed that you knew what it meant to do the will of God.  However, because of the power of the enemy, there are times when you do not manage to do what you know is good and right.  Read Ephesians 2:3.

Before we were saved, we constantly gratified the of our .
Look back to the list of things which correspond to the will of the flesh.  In the space below, add three more items from your own experience.

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