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Please God

If we are to live a life that will please God, we must, like Jesus, form the habit of always doing His will.  Read John 8:29.

What did Jesus always do in regard to His Father?
What reward did Christ receive from His Father?  He was not left .
Why did God the Father not leave Jesus alone?
What had the Father said about the Son at the time of Jesus’ baptism and start of His ministry?

When we say we are PLEASED with someone, we mean that we are happy and satisfied with everything the person has done.  Doing the WILL of God and PLEASING God are two things which require constant work in all areas of our lives.

According to Matthew 3:17, who was well pleased with the Son?
God was not only pleased with the Son, but what else did He feel toward Him?
Why is it that the Father loved the Son and never left Him alone?  Because Jesus ALWAYS Him, DOING His
We have learned several of Jesus’ names.  They are: Christ, Messiah, the Anointed One, the Son of God, the Son of Man, and so on. But, God gives Jesus another name because Jesus always did His will.  According to Matthew 12:18, what name did God give Him?  The, in whom .

The phrase “The One I Love” in Matthew 12:18 is a proper name.  It is the kind of name we give to people because of their good qualities.  Why did God give Jesus this name?  Because Jesus always did His .

We have seen that Jesus enjoyed all the fullness of this double blessing from the Father, because He always did the will of God instead of His own will.

He was the One I Love of the Father because He enjoyed the of God.
The Father never left Him alone.  So then, we can see that He also enjoyed the of God.
Jesus said: “If anyone loves Me, he will obey my teaching; My Father will love him, and we will come to him and make our home with him.” (John 14:23)  In this verse, we see that obedience to the TEACHING of CHRIST is the same thing as doing the WILL of God.

If we do the will of God, who will love us?
Who will make their home with us?
We can see how wonderful it is to consecrate our will completely to God in love.  The double blessing that Jesus enjoyed will also be ours:  The of God.  The of God.

If Christians would really learn to give their wills to God and allow Him to give them strength to do His will, what a change there would be in the church and in the world.  For this reason, we ought to all pray that our will might be controlled completely by His Spirit.

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