A Supermarket of Addictions

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A Supermarket of Addictions

To explore the First Step in order to understand why we need to name our addiction in order to begin the process of recovery.
To consider how denial operates.
To discuss the biblical view of human personality.
A Supermarket of Addictions
It was alcohol that proved the undoing of Bill W. and Dr. Bob.  It is out of their struggle with drinking that they developed the Twelve Steps.  Thus it is that in Step One, the whole process of recovery begins with the admission that one is “powerless over alcohol.”  You can’t get well if you don’t know your disease.

But it is not only alcohol to which people can be addicted.  Consider the following::

The large sales of the book Women Who Love Too Much indicate thataddiction to relationships is widespread.  In her book, Robin Norwood describes women who are involved – over and over again – with men who are either afraid of intimacy, are addicted themselves, or are already married (or otherwise unavailable).
There are 12 million compulsive gamblers in America.  Some 50 million people (spouses, children) are affected by this compulsive gambling.  The suicide rate for compulsive gamblers is twenty times higher than the national average, and they have 38 percent more stress-related cardiovascular problems.
Americans consume over 60 percent of the world’s illicit drugs.  Six million people use cocaine regularly.  Some $150 billion is spent each year on cocaine.  6,000 people die each year from illegal drugs.  Five to ten million people abuse prescription medications such as sleeping pills, pep pills, and tranquilizers.
Compulsive shopping is a growing problem.  In a recent poll, high school girls ranked shopping as their favorite past time (dating was ranked number six).  Our consumer debt has doubled.  Lest than half of what is bought is used to replace worn-out items.
An estimated ten to eleven million Americans are said to be addicted to religion.  “Unlike others with spiritual or religious interests religion junkies use their church or cult activities not so much for spiritual growth and devotion but as a way to compulsively structure and control their lives – often because they feel out of control if they don’t”
Addictive behavior is not just a private misery.  It is estimated that every addict directly affects at least ten other people.

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