Individual Reflection

Individual Reflection

Consider the applicability of the above to your situation in living.  if it has some possibility of encouraging a support group or individual to contribute to the enhancement of your living, identify specific changes to its format or wording which would be needed to meet your needs.  You may want to make notes beside items, or add new areas of more direct relevance to your experience and field of need.


While a group is unlikely to find difficulty in identifying issues of mutual concern for discussion, it is important that these not degenerate into ‘gripe sessions’.  Instead, it is suggested that members all bring as ‘homework’ individual preparation.  In the whole group, or in pairs or triplets, share individual conclusions and interpretations; encourage each  other to recognize:

1.existing strengths; and

2.areas which apparently need further work or thought.

Close with prayer for each other; seek to affirm each other’s living and concerns at this time, and pray for the continuing guidance  of the Holy Spirit in specific areas of the lives of group members.  While it may take some time to establish this level of sharing, trust, and openness in prayer, the benefits are considerable.

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