Quality of Life

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Quality of Life
(Psalm 34:12) “Would you like to enjoy life?  Do you want long life and happiness?”
Without a proper understanding of God (theology), you will never come to a full, complete, and healthy understanding of yourself.  Since you are God’s workmanship, you need to answer the question, “What kind of workman is God?”  Let’s look at three essential truths about God that will help you understand yourself as His workmanship.

:  I appreciate the opportunity for further
> study into God’s Word and I appreciate the chance to
> study on being a leader.
> 2. The gift that the class gives me in sharing was?
> ANSWER:  That I get to write out the things that I
> need to confess or see the things that I don’t
> normally see through my eyes.  This helps me to take
> responsibility for my actions.  It makes me stop and
> think before I act.  Also it helps me feel more
> comfortable with sharing my thoughts.

God is a creator (Genesis 1:1), therefore you are unique.

O Lord my God when I in awesome wonder, consider all the worlds thy hands have made: I see the stars, I hear the rolling thunder, thy mighty power throughout the universe displayed: Then sings my soul, my savior God to thee, How Great Thou Art!

Yet, how often when you sing these words, have you reflected on yourself as part of God’s wonderful Creation?

here’s an important truth: Because God is creative, you are unique.  There is nobody else exactly like you on earth!  What David said of himself in Psalm 139 is true of you: You are uniquely and wonderfully made!

You may assume that your talents and abilities are common: “Lots of people can do the things I do.”  Not so!  Because God is infinitely creative, He has blended talents and abilities in you that are unique.  You are a “one-of-a-kind.”

You’re unique because you have been creative by an infinitely creative God.  You may agree that you’re unique and different.  But you may also assume that other people’s talents are more important than yours.

God is a craftsman (Genesis 1:31), therefore you are good.

God created the whole universe, and at its completion “saw all that He had made, and it was very good” (Genesis 1:31).  God only creates workmanship of the highest quality.

With one decision, history began.  Existence became measurable.

Out of nothing came light.

Out of light came day.

Then came sky… and earth.

And on this earth?  A mighty hand went to work.

Canyons were carved.  Oceans were dug.  Mountains erupted out of flatlands.  Stars were flung.  A universe sparkled.

Our sun became just one of millions.  Our galaxy became just one of thousands.  Planets invisibly tethered to suns roared through sapace at breakneck speeds.  Stars blazed with heat that could melt our planet in seconds.

The hand behind it was mighty.  He is mighty.

And with this might, he created.  As naturally as a bird sings and a fish swims, he created.  Just as an artist can’t not paint and a runner ccan’t not run, he couldn’t not create.  He was the Creator.  Through and through, he was the Creator.  A tireless dreamer and designer.

From the pallet of the Ageless Artist came inimitable splendors.  Before there was a person to see it, his creation was pregnant with wonder….

Mundaneness found no home in his universe….

Probe deep within him.  Explore every corner.  Search every angle.  Love is all you find.  Go to the beginning of every decision he has made and you’ll find it.  Go to the end of every story he has told and you’ll see it.


He created a paradise.  A sinless sanctuary.  A haven before fear.  A home before there was a human dweller.  No time.  No death.  No hurt.  A gift built by God for his ultimate creation.  And when he was through, he knew “it was very good.”

But it wasn’t enough.

His greatest work hadn’t been completed.  One final masterpiece was needed before he would stop.

Look to the canyons to see the Creator’s splendor.  Touch the flowers and see his delicacy.  Listen to the thunder and hear his power.  But gaze on [humanity] – the zenith – and witness all three… and more.

(From In the Eye of the Storm by Max Lucado)

Today you can encounter God’s creation.  When you see the beauty around you, let each detail remind you to lift your head in praise.  Express your appreciation for God’s creation.  Encourage others to see the beauty of his creation.

His Workmanship
(Cecil Frances Alexander)

All things bright and Beautiful,
All creatures great and small,
All things wise and wonderful,
The Lord God made them all.

God, the Creator/Craftsman, leaves His mark of quality on all He makes.  God made you in His image (Genesis 1:26).  He looks at you with great approval.  Therefore, like all His creations, you are good.

God is a designer (Genesis 1:14), therefore you are equipped with a purpose.

Design is the ability to plan and develop with a specific purpose or intention in mind.  Each of His creations is equipped with the ability to perform certain tasks well.

Seeing yourself as God’s workmanship – unique, good, and purposeful – is pretty important stuff.  You enter the world with the highest possible references, you’re a created, crafted, well-designed child of God.  No more being ashamed of your talents and abilities.


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