Whom Do You Worship?

Whom Do You Worship?

This knowledge of your “wonderfulness” can do one of two things to you.  It can either motivate you to worship your Creator, or it can deceive you into worshipping yourself.

Apostle Paul wrote these telling words about the practice of “worshiping yourself:” “… For although they knew God, they neither glorified Him as God nor gave thanks to Him, but their thinking became futile and their foolish hearts were darkened.  They exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshipped and served created things rather than the Creator- Who is forever praised” (Romans 1:21, 25).

You can choose to let your life revolve around your Creator, or revolve around yourself. The decision is yours.  Will you invest yourself in God and share in what He has invested in His creation, His workmanship?  Or will you as Paul says, “exchange the splendor of an immortal God for the image shaped like mortal man”?

Every decision you make in life is affected by whom you chose to serve.  If Paul is  right, then your choice will mean that you’ll either end up sharing in God’s splendor, or be left alone to face the futility of serving self.

If you want your life to be filled with all the enjoyment, creativity, and fulfillment that’s possible in life, then God says, “Come.  let me show you who can be, and what you can do, by being in relationship with Me.”  This relationship can come to life when you acknowledge the Lordship of the only One worth serving.  In the theology lessons ahead you will study the following areas:

Table of Contents
I.      Introduction
We explore reasons for taking this course.  We look at the challenges.  We review the topics of the course, the course’s purpose is discussed with emphasis on the decision we must make.

II.     An Invitation to Self-Appraisal
We take a look at where your life has taken you.  You take a very practical look at your anxieties, life changes, responses, distresses and your sense of satisfaction.

III.    My Kingdom or a “Higher Power” Kingdom
We define “Higher Power,” why we need it and how it  relates to life.  We look at “Is there a God and Creator?”  We take an overview look at the plan God provides for us; to assist in reaching the proper decision and staying on course towards heaven.

IV.    Our Relationship With God
We take a look at the need for God’s kingdom being Lord in our life.  An observation is made and reviewed that we are created to join God in heaven, and that we need to change from our earthly nature to one which concentrates on reaching Heaven.

V.      Help for a Better “Quality of Life.”
We learn how God will help us, when we ask, to achieve a better “Quality of life.”  We also look at; Why did God give us Life?  Our need to be like children of God is explored.

VI.     God’s Love in Living
We start to look at the benefits of putting God’s plan for you in operation.  We look at; Why did God give us Life?  Our need to be like children of God is explored.

VII.    Christ, Our Guide and Trainer
Then as a student you delve into why Christ came down to earth.  How he helps us to “salvation.”  We also touch on the “Spirit” and how he influences our life.

VIII.    Total Commitment
Next we take an in-depth look at the need to make a total commitment to God’s kingship by “turning over your life,” to His control.  A discussion is included as to whether giving up control is freedom or slavery.

IX.      Selfish for a second or Joyful for Eternity
We then take a look at the important decisions we must make (e.g. “To turn our life over to God,”).  We ask for those decisions.  And the lesson then looks at what must be done after the decisions.  The  student finds that they are moving into why and how he/she must show their belief through actions.  In here we pay particular attention to how St. Paul’s guidance blends with Christ and others.

X.      Christianity‘s Helpful Guidance
We take a look at how “Christianity” can help us acquire that better “Quality of Life.”  Next the course emphasizes the need to trust our Father in Heaven.

XI.      Why God Has a Plan for you
A review is made of the need for obedience to God.  We look at the disciplines of prayer, reflection, decision making and shared responsibility in God’s plan for you.

XII.      Tools and Methods
We next take a look at how the Training Program works.  We touch on such areas as the church, other Christians, and communications with our Father.

XIII.     Life Planning Questions
We now move into the realm of application.  You set up a personal growth plan.

XIV.    Helpful Hints
This lesson provides many helpful hints on how to complete the training program successfully.  It provides guidance on such actions as prayer, and relationships with others.

XV.     The Bible
We than take an additional look at how the Bible” is a important part of God’s program.  We review why it is necessary and some insights from it.

XVI.     Why would a Father Allow Bad Things to Happen
A review is then made of the difficulties we are and will be facing.  The lesson then discusses how these challenges to our faith are part of God’s total plan.  A look at “Why the Father cannot give us everything we would like” is taken.

XVII.    Sharing your Faith
This lesson takes up the importance of Sharing Your Faith.  We delve into how it strengthens our own relationship with our Father.  We look at such areas as the need to share with our children, and other areas.

XVIII.   Passing over to our Future Home and Family
The sometimes feared topic of death is covered.  It is put into a new light;  the light of Graduation from God’s training program into our Future life as His adult companions in Heaven.  We also cover death to self and Lordship of Jesus.

XIX.     In Conclusion
In the conclusion we review what we learned and how it should affect our lives.  We touch on the question of free will versus God’s plan.  The lesson then emphasizes the need for the church, to assist us in continuing the plan.

XX.     Appendix-Suggested Prayers


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