Come share in this love. Let’s be Christian leaders.


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Come share in this love.  Let’s be Christian leaders.

Member of What

Scripture tells us that the church is a living organism.  It uses a variety of dynamic imageries to get this point across including the body of Christ, the vine and the branches, the shepherd and the sheep, the living temple of living stones, the royal priesthood, and the family.  The Christian Leader is a living part of God‘s organism called the church.  As part of the organism, each person has a vital part to play in world evangelization, making disciples of all people.

As part of the body of Christ, each person has a ministry to perform, thus, the individual is seen as an important part of the body life in the Christian community, with the responsibilities to Christ, to others, and to the world.

To those of You looking for help in dealing with Life

Whether people are struggling with overwhelming needs, going through major transitions, or just trying to keep ahead of life’s everyday frustrations, the one thing people long for the most is support.  They want realistic answers to their many questions, a listening ear, and a caring friend.

We would like to offer you a program which will assist you in helping other to deal with the challenges of life (economically, emotionally, etc.).  The program will help you to better understand who you are and how you can help others to live their life better.  It offers a rich mixture of practical living – to live it completely.

Greetings from your neighbors at Christian Leadership Training Institute.

Life today is demanding, and real life challenges require real life answers.  At Quality of Life Ministries we don’t claim to have all of the answers for your life, but we know Someone who does.  Our confidence lies in an real God who works in the everyday lives of everyday people.  if you have come to a place where you are ready to investigate the impact that God can make in your life and in the lives around you, then we would like to invite you to participate and join us in the pursuit of “real life that works.”

We are Christian friends who just want to know you better and invite you to our training course, to see how we can help.  The purpose of our organization is: to connect people to Christ and each other for world class Christian living.

We accomplish this through various ways including helping you make your community a better place to live – by helping you inform others how they may have peace in living their lives with God.


Your church with your help should offer a loving environment, one in which our relationships with each other is a prime imperative …friendships carefully nurtured through shared experiences evolving to the point  when you find love for one another through Christ.  People need the Lord; people need each other.  Those needs are mutually inclusive and are satisfied through friendships that in turn, will grow and bear fruit in the form of loving relationships.

Building friendships with Christ through each other.

God’s Church exists for one reason: to facilitate these relationships.  And we do so out of gratitude for the great sacrifice God made for us, out of obedience to the commands of our great Friend, Jesus Christ, and out of our love for one another…


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I am a retired Lay Minister, acting as a prophet for God to understand the end times that is comingg and how to prepare for it.
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