Introduction – 2

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Introduction – 2
This is not a course that you read as much as a tool to enable encounters between people.

You will find God‘s calling in your life and you will find your self discovering positive, concrete ways to respond.

You will within the class, grow in care for each other.  As a class you will live out Christian Leadership with each other and find yourself experiencing a richness of community and care you have never known before.

If you are someone who believes that God has given to the church the responsibility to “equip the saints for the work of living as a Child of God,” I commend this course to you.  It facilitates a marvelous experience… and who knows what surprises it may lead to.

Leadership is an embrace, not a club.  As you are embraced by the love of God, you cannot help but embrace others.  Indeed, these are the two pieces of the leadership puzzle:  applying the leadership to yourself and sharing leadership with others.

But how do you share this leadership?  How can sharing it become a natural part of your life?  Here’s where the class experience comes in.  Class members will so experience God’s love and leadership that the dynamite of his Plan will demolish the obstacles that prevent us from sharing God’s love with others.  We will come to share naturally what so delights us.

We hope that the foregoing rationale for developing this course and class gives you a flavor of the transforming power that can enter into the people who grasp this experience and incorporate it into their “living” as Christians.  Yet, what we’ve said are just words until you and others infuse them with your own excitement and vitality.

You have in your hands the opportunity of your lifetime.  The rich Quality of Life Ministries future is yours’.  Christ message and Christian involvement symbolize Christianity.  It’s something you’ll want to share with others.

You are now participating in a dynamic program for personal and Christian growth.  We believe Christianity is the most outstanding opportunity that has been offered (your joyful life on earth and in heaven, now and everlasting).  This, too, is yours to share.

As a Leader, you are responsible for yourself and others but never by yourself.  This course was created to help you achieve your goals.

it’s your life and future – so it’s really up to you to make it successful.  By working, sharing and growing, you will do just that.  We are confident that you will realize your hopes and dreams as you work toward the achievement of your goals.

“more advice is given by friends than by all the psychiatrists, psychologist, and counselors put together.  And why not?  Who is in a better position to give advice than a friend?  After all, who knows idiosyncrasies, temperaments, strengths, weaknesses, abilities, and even failures better than a friend?  Besides, a person will take advice from a friend when he or  she would never consider going to a professional counselor” (Coffee Cup Counseling-Harold Sala).

This is a career for you who attract people who seem to feel that talking over problems with you will help.  You have probably never thought of yourself as being someone who could make a significant contribution to the lives of other people.  Yet when you stop and think of the conversations you’ve had with friends and acquaintances, you’ll recognize that you’ve dispensed a lot of advice  and support.


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I am a retired Lay Minister, acting as a prophet for God to understand the end times that is comingg and how to prepare for it.
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