The Christian Leadership Career – 2

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The Christian Leadership Career – 2
You have made one of the major decisions of your life.  You have chosen a career as a worker for Christ providing guidance to Christians.  In doing so, you have entered a profession both fascinating and rewarding.  The training you receive at “Quality of Life Ministries-Christian Leadership Training Institute” will give you the knowledge necessary to succeed.  Experience that will be gained, will enable you to come closer to your God.  Knowledge and Skill are the two essential qualities that are common to all successful Leaders.  Knowledge is acquired by study, skill by the persistent application of the knowledge acquired.

The guidelines we present are for all Christians who seek to be spiritual leaders.  Holding a leadership position in a Christian organization does not make one a Christian leader.  Christian leadership is not an occupation: it is a calling.  Christian businesspeople, physicians, educators, politicians, and parents – all ought to be spiritual leaders.  More and more people in “secular” occupations are taking their calling as Christian leaders seriously, and they are impacting the world and extending God’s kingdom.

Leaders benefit in two ways from the effort they put into their daily work.  The first is the satisfaction of doing a job that is worthwhile – of performing a service to the Christian community.  The second benefit is the heavenly reward for your effort which you desire to provide for yourself and your families.  A Leader’s career provides both fulfillment and opportunity.

Only when we understand leadership in light of God’s calling on our lives will we be equipped to lead effectively.  According to the Bible, God is not necessarily looking for leaders, at least not in the sense we generally think of leaders.  He is looking for servants (Isa, 59:16; Ezek. 22:30).  When God finds men and women willing to be molded into his servants, the possibilities are limitless.  People are looking for someone to lead them into God’s purposes God’s way.  They need leaders who truly believe God will do what he says.  People ill follow Christian leaders who understand God’s agenda and who know how to move them on to it.

Undoubtly you have chosen a service career.  You have selected QOLM_CLTI because you believe that the organization offers you the type of training you desire.  You have associated yourself with a organization that offers unique services and enjoys a enviable opportunity to serve God.  A organization whose purpose and reputation you will be proud to be trained by.

The QOLM-Christian Leadership Training Institute

You are now a student of the  QOLM_CLTI family.  You will find warm satisfaction in being a student of this class, a keen, high-spirited team, playing the game energetically and loyally with Christians and Non-Christians.  In the solidarity and loyalty of this family, there is strength which each student can draw upon.  Each student knows he/she can depend upon others in the class.  You know that your confidentiality will be protected.  You know that the game will be played fair and square and that nothing happens differently behind your back than before your eyes.  Let this be your outlook toward class members, your fellow Trainers as you enter upon this chosen career.

As you take this course, we pray you will accept the challenge to be that man or woman God is seeking to use.  We hope you will experience the incredible joy and satisfaction of knowing God is using your life as his instrument to build his kingdom and to change your world.

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I am a retired Lay Minister, acting as a prophet for God to understand the end times that is comingg and how to prepare for it.
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