Your Future with Christian Leadership

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Your Future with Christian Leadership

The amount of your success, and your growth in your own class all stem from good, honest, intelligent work.  There is no substitute for hard work in this job.  Being a Christian worker places no limit on amount of work that you may do or the long hours it may require.  Men or women, like nations, become great by under taking great tasks and seeing them through.  No handicap of education, money, influence, or even a late start can impede your progress if you will work intelligently.

The purpose of the “leader” is to be a part-time worker for Christ.  This work takes many forms but concentrates on providing guidance to how Christianity can be an important part of peoples everyday lives.

The single most important factor is to be a guide through an attempt to better understand Christ message and how it pertains to everyday life.  This guidance includes: the course’s questions and answers, the innovative life planning questions, the imagitive class discussion.

The leader is an individual who becomes a lay worker for Christ and yet continues his/her current vocation.  This takes some special qualities.  an ability to draw upon Christ’s message written and spiritual and apply it to helping human’s to complete “God‘s Training Plan” effectively and with a Child’s joy.  And even more important is a trust in Christ that he will provide inspiration to others, so that you can sit back and let the inspiration manifest itself in the discussion.

A special talent to provide assistance with utilizing the life’s planning questions to assist others in putting together an effective training program, which goes along with God’s training plan for them; and yet do not appear to be a figure of authority with pronouncements (e.g. parent, etc.

The control over the development and the implementation of the program, should be with a light hand so as not to stifle discussion and yet with some firmness so as to keep on target and to give all the ability to share their ideas.

The “Leader” must be able to be an administrator and a trainer through “God’s training program.”  The success and/or failure of the class will depend on his/hers abilities and trust in Christ.

The reward that Christ provides is to provide a interest by the student in the class and his/her’s success.  Being successful can be reflected by the groups love for each other and the individual’s peaceful nature.  Another aspect of this interest is their desire to share their joy with others.  This is the highest reward, to be able to bring people closer to their God.


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I am a retired Lay Minister, acting as a prophet for God to understand the end times that is comingg and how to prepare for it.
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