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“There is nothing more exciting than the opportunity to serve your God.”

The Importance of Christian Workers

Not only does the world provide greater opportunities for existing professional Christian Workers, but it dictates the need to augment our Christian Worker force.  Our army of Christian Workers must GROW – it must be better trained and better equipped than ever before, to keep pace with our growing demand.

Christian Workers and “The Indispensable I’s”.

The man or women who will rise to meet the opportunity in Christian service must constantly strive to develop six attributes of Christian service.  These are; I am, Imagination, Ingenuity, Initiative, Industry and Integrity.

Whatever you may choose to call them, these attributes are utter requisites is success in Christian Service.  Without them, you cannot succeed.  With them, you cannot fail.

I am-
“I am,” this is one of the attributes of God.  It is one which describes God’s involvement with us.  He is there with us, all we have to do is realize he is there.  We must use his grace to help us, to guide us.

Rightfully placed next is IMAGINATION.  Here is the magic, personal touch which takes your Christian Service career out of the humdrum rut and make’s it sparkle.  It soars with a zest that instantly heightens interest.  It helps you find the wants and needs of a specific student, and it guides you unerringly to what is called  “Your Ministry” to participate in Christ‘s work.  Imagination sets you apart, commands attention not given run-of-the-mill social workers, get you in where others get the brush-off.  It is, perhaps, the second biggest difference (next to God being part of your ministry) between mediocrity and success.

Closely allied with imagination, INGENUITY is worth of individual attention.  It is finding new angles, new appeals to worldly tough prospects.  it is handling difficult situations which unexpectedly arise during  a discussion and handling them in such a way that they are turned  to your advantage.  It engenders confidence for the Christian Worker who has developed ingenuity knows he can handle any difficulty.

Your internal self-starter is your INITIATIVE and since the Christian Worker is his own boss, it is knowing how and when to push the starter button.  The Christian worker must relentlessly crack the whip over himself.  He must bring his belief in Christ to the fore, drive himself to reasonable limits and demand that he attain specific goals.

When we say INDUSTRY, we really mean plain old ordinary hard work.  Everything else is worthless, or virtually so, in its absence.  The steady worker who keeps firing away will  often out perform the “Hot shot” who only works sporadically.  The ability, the urge to work is priceless.

We come, finally, to INTEGRITY.  Integrity means honesty, of course, but it encompasses much more.  It includes reliability, promptness for appointments, solid backing of Christianity.  It forbids exaggerations and false or misleading statements about your own or other religions.  Integrity is virtually synonymous with reputation – and, as with reputation, it is built slowly and laboriously by many acts, and can be destroyed by one.  It is not only a spiritual attribute, but a mental one as well.  It reflects strongly upon your success, one way or the other, regardless of your being aware of its influence for what you THINK, you LOOK; what you THINK, you DO; What you THINK, You ARE!  If you have integrity, it shows in the expressions on your face, in the things you do and in the kind of person you are. Once your student or fellow Christian is convinced that you possess integrity, his worldly resistance drops.  He accepts your integrity, his cooperation “kicks-in.”  He accepts your proposition more freely and confidently.  Because of this human, fundamental fact, integrity literally pays off in souls saved as well as in self-esteem.

The man or women who has or develops these six qualities will accomplish great things for their Lord.  He who accepts the challenge of Christianity and reaches for the opportunity to serve, will be richly rewarded on earth  and in heaven.


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I am a retired Lay Minister, acting as a prophet for God to understand the end times that is comingg and how to prepare for it.
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