The Purpose

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The Purpose
The purpose of this course is twofold; to describe what makes Christian training distinctive and to explain how that distinctive training can become a way of life for individual Christians.

Today’s world needs people who are trained as effective Christians, but the effective Christian is hard to find, frequently unrecognized, and consequently seldom utilized to improve the world.  For this reason, I think we all could benefit from some training in how to be an effective Christian.

The “Leader” part of the program, is our attempt to provide personnel who can provide the training on becoming an effective Christian.  The training to be provided deals with real-life issues in living and relating.  With this need in mind, this course is part of a “Train the Trainer” program.

The course is written from the perspective that Christian leaders need to be built up, trained and affirmed, but not at the expense of the valuable contributions of psychology and other arts and sciences.  The world needs all the training help and guidance it can get, from both psychology and theology.

This solution assumed greater meaning and urgency as society “progresses” toward the glorification of man as a god.  I hope that you will be caught up in changing the trend to Glorification of our God through effective Christians.

It will be Difficult

What we all as Christians have in common is the difficulties we can experience within our personal training program.

Every Christian will experience challenges to successful completion of “God’s Training Program,” and the important question “Earth’s child/God’s Child.”  The church, the individual belongs to, has the primary responsibility for providing support and training.  With the “leadership” program, we do not intend, or will we replace the Church’s responsibility.  We only wish to make available to those individuals who need additional one-on-one support which they have been unable to acquire from their own church’s current staff.

This course will help the “Leader” to become comfortable with their shortcomings, but at the same time, not settle for the status quo.  There are ways to overcome these problems, and these ways are the substance of  this training course.

The Lord isn’t merely gritting his teeth and using imperfect humans; he wants it this way.

Person-to-Person Unease

Being a good Christian is sometimes threatening.  Our unease is something we may have learned as children and part of our earthly nature (original sin).  People will find it easier to talk about sex and sexuality, than about faith, religion, or their relationship with God.

learning by observation of role models and social experience-is one reason for this.  From childhood many have felt awkward, hypersensitive, and embarrassed about spiritual matters.  It is easy to understand why these feelings exist if people you have respect have shown embarrassment when talking about their faith (or avoided the subject altogether).

Recognizing that many others have a problem with unease, uptightness and self-consciousness, your are better equipped to address these difficulties and overcome them.  You will at least have your degree of unease or discomfort reduced, which should help you relax and be at ease.

Others Unease

Having gained confidence in your distinctively Christian involvement, you might encounter a situation in which you start with a positive spirit, only to find that you are influenced by another person’s negative attitude, when anything concerning faith or religion comes up.  Positive attitude, however, can work just like negative attitude.  You may have talked with people whose faith was such a natural part of them that you became quite comfortable as you discussed items of religion and spirituality.

Extreme Unease

This unease results from the desire not to be too pushy.  This is understandable, but this could lead to missed opportunities.  Caution is sometimes called for, but so is initiative.  Each individual needs to make use of the opportunities and resources available, while being sensitive to the concerns of others.

Not Knowing Enough

Education offered in churches and other religious institutions or in Christian homes does not always satisfy the need for knowledge that will assist you in counseling others.  You can be well-equipped with Church and Bible knowledge and still feel inadequate when dealing with someone’s deep spiritual need.  You can still feel inadequate when someone comes to you in pain and turmoil, seeking comfort.  What is lacking in most church sponsored teaching is how to apply Christian beliefs and resources to the deep and complex needs of people.

When you feel that you do not know enough, then you are ready for a good education and training program to help you.  You will need to work at it, but you efforts will yield many benefits.

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I am a retired Lay Minister, acting as a prophet for God to understand the end times that is comingg and how to prepare for it.
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