The Process of Training

The Process of Training
Training is not a step-by-step process such as baking a cake, or even preparing a sermon.  Each trainee is unique – with problems, attitudes, values, expectations and experiences that are unlike any other.  The trainer (whose own challenges, attitudes, values, expectations and experiences are also brought to the counseling situations) must approach each individual a little differently and will discover that the course of training will vary from person to person.

In every training relationship, however, it would appear that there are several steps, the first three of which may be repeated several times as problems are considered and reconsidered.  These steps involve building and maintaining a relationship between trainer and trainee; exploring challenges to clarify issues and determine how the problems can be handled; deciding on a course of action; stimulating the trainee to act; evaluating progress and deciding on subsequent actions; and terminating the training relationship by encouraging and guiding the trainee to launch out without the trainers continuing help.

For example, the first step of building a relationship is especially important at the beginning when trainees (and trainers) might be nervous and apprehensive.  However, once a relationship has begun it must be maintained, so the trainer must never completely lose sight of step one.  In training there is a vacillation back and forth between these stages as problems become clearer, solutions are found between these stages as challenges become clearer, solutions are found, and the training moves to termination.

Regardless of how effective the training, its influence can be undermined if the trainee leaves the session and forgets or ignores what has been learned.  To meet this problem, many trainers give homework assignments – projects which are designed to strengthen, expand and extend the process of training beyond the trainee’s time with the trainer.

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