Homework in Training

Homework in Training
Some people learn best through hearing – listening to the words of others.  Some learn best through seeing – reading books, watching movies, and looking at diagrams.  Then there are people who learn best through doing – completing projects, doing role plays, or acting out their feelings.  Although there have been some recent exceptions.  In spite of this potential for diversity five types of homework task agreements have been used most often:

Testing.  This includes questionnaires, sentence completion forms, standardized tests, and writing assignments (such as preparing a brief biography, listing life goals, making a list of what one likes and dislikes about a job, and so on).  These written responses are then taken back to the trainer where they are discussed.

Discussion and Study Guides.  These sometimes appear in the appendixes of books but entire volumes have been devoted to guiding home study or small group discussion.  Sometimes this study takes place independently of any training.  Sometimes the study is a task agreement to be completed between training sessions and discussed subsequently in training.

Behavior Assignments.  Trainees sometimes are encouraged to change their actions in some small but important ways between training sessions.  Saying “thank you,” giving periodic compliments, not complaining about some annoying practice of one’s mate, getting to work on time, reading the Bible for ten minutes daily – these are the kinds of behavior change suggestions which trainers give and then discuss with trainees.

Reading.  Books and articles often contain helpful information which can supplement the training sessions.

Audio/Visual Media. CD’s, video/audio tapes, internet, etc..  literally thousands of media are currently available on a wide variety of subjects.  The quality of the media and the accuracy of the information is not always good, but these can be improved and used as a helpful supplement to personal training.

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