Christian Leadership

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Christian Leadership
The Challenge
E-mail and cell phones provide instant access to leaders.  Technology has made today’s leaders constantly and instantly accessible to people.  With such access, people often expect immediate responses from their leaders.  Such pressure to make rapid decisions and to maintain steady communication can intimidate even the most zealous leader.  Our world craves good leaders.  People are warily looking for leaders they can trust.

In the Church
People are desperate for leaders who can make positive changes in their lives!  Society at large is displaying widespread and growing interest in spiritual issues.  Amazingly, at a time of renewed societal interest in spiritual things, many churches and denominations are declining.  According to George Barna, “the American church is dying due to a lack of strong leadership.  In this time of unprecedented opportunity and plentiful resources, the church is actually losing influence.  The primary reason is the lack of leadership.  Nothing is more important than leadership”  Although the leadership shortage is universally acknowledged, there is little consensus on how to discover and develop leaders.

In times past, churches focused on the Great Commission.  Today’s churches adopt mission statements.  Contemporary Christian leaders build teams and lead their people through team-building exercises.  Today’s churches use state-of-the-art marketing principles to reach their communities.  Many church leaders claim these innovations have resulted in dramatic growth in their congregations, including a significant proportion of converts.  Other Christian leaders decry such approaches as blatant theological and biblical compromise.

A pastor’s ability is measured in terms of numbers of people, dollars, and buildings.  The more of each, the more successful the pastor.  The godliness of a minister may not be enough to satisfy a congregation looking to keep up with the church down the street.  Likewise, Christian organizations seem willing to overlook significant character flaws, and even moral lapses, as long as their leader continues to produce.

In this course, it will become clear that many of the “modern” leadership principles currenbtly being espoused are, in fact, biblical principles that have been commanded by God throughout history.

God or King?
The world measured a kingdom’s success by its grand palaces and magnificent armies.  But citizenship in such kingdoms come with many stiff prices.  God could not have been more clear about the consequences of choosing worldly leadership over divine leadership.  Scripture indicates that it is a mistake to separate the spiritual world from the secular world.

God created people to be spiritual beings.  Every person, Christian and non-Christian alike, is a spiritual person with spiritual needs.  As an example, God is the author of human relationships.  Jesus Christ is the Lord of all believers whether they are at church or at work.  The kingdom of God is in fact, the rule of God in every area of life, including the church, home, workplace, and neighborhood.  To ignore these truths is to do so at one’s peril..

Society’s problems are more than just a lack of leaders.  Society’s great deficit is that it does not have enough leaders who understand and practice Christian principles of leadership.  Jesus summed up this truth for every executive, politician, schoolteacher, lawyer, doctor, and parent, when he said: “‘But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness and all these things will be given to you as well'” (Matt. 6:33 NIV).

One’s calling as a Christian not only takes precedence over his or her career; it actually gives direction to that career.  Moreover, a Christian’s calling  will give meaning to everry area of life.  The world needs political leaders who seek their guidance from the Holy Spirit and not from the latest public opinion poll.  The world needs religious leaders who are on God’s agenda and not on their own.  The world needs husbands and wives, mothers and fathers who know how to apply biblical promises in their homes rather than merely implementing advice from the latest self-help books.

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