The Trainer’s Spiritual Relationship.

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The Trainer’s Spiritual Relationship.
The greatest available source of strength and wisdom for Christian leaders/trainers is – the Holy Spirit, who guides and dwells in the life of each believer.  Also, the Bible describes Jesus Christ as the Wonderful Counselor.  He is the trainer’s counselor – ever available to encourage, direct and give His wisdom to human people – helpers.  It repeating that the truly effective Christian leader/trainer is basically a skilled and available instrument through whom the Holy Spirit works to change lives.  When the trainer’s work brings anxieties and confusion, these can be cast on God himself, who has promised to sustain and help.  Daily prayer and Bible reading keep us in active communication with the One who is our own advisor and trainer.

Throughout the Bible, however, we see that God also works through other human beings.  He helps trainers through other people with whom the trainer can share, maintain perspective, relax – and occasionally cry.  Without the support, encouragement and viewpoint of a trusted Christian friend, the trainer’s work is likely to be more difficult and less effective.  Often two or more trainers can meet regularly to sustain and pray for each other.  If you lack such a relationship ask God to help you find a colleague with whom you can share.  Training can be fulfilling work but it is not easy.  The sooner this is recognized and faced honestly, the more satisfying will be one’s ministry, and the more effective will be one’s lifestyle training.

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