Personal Strengths Inventory

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Personal Strengths Inventory
“If the Lord had to wait until I made no mistakes, then I’d never be singing this song.”  So says Christian recording artist Lily Green.  This helps us understand a very important issue within the Kingdom of God.  How does God choose His servants?

If we took a poll among church going people (often called a time and talent survey) the results would indicate that we think God is looking for people who are far more highly gifted than we are.  Ask a member of any church’s nominating committee in search of officers to serve and we would find the perception that God needs people who are not nearly as busy as we consider ourselves to be.  Ask Moses and he would recommend someone who is more polished speaker than he was.

You get the point.  We all seem to be better at disqualifying ourselves for service than we are at saying, “Here am I, send me.”

Why is that?  Are we really that busy?  Are we truly so clumsy we would botch any assignment the Lord would give/  Or do we just honestly believe we are too ordinary to do the Lord’s work?

Let it be amazingly obvious that for God to use anyone, he or she is going to be a sinner.  That disqualifies “perfect” people.  And, since none of us is perfect, we are all in the running for being instruments in the hand of God.

As far as being “special” goes, what does that mean?  What is special in the eyes of God?  Are we not all special enough to prompt Him to send His only begotten Son to die on the cross to save each one of us?

What God looks for in His servants is that we be willing to serve.  He is looking for ordinary people, like any one of us, who will step out in faith and be used for the purposes of God.

Jesus speaks in parables of people with ten talents, five talents, and one talent.  Where do you see yourself?  Your humility will move you to count yourself among those with one talent ability.  You are probably correct.  Just make sure you do not jump to the conclusion that this is not important.  How many five-talent people do you personally know?  Chances are good you know even fewer ten-talent people, if any at all.  That is because there are not that many!

The point is, if a group is filled with one-talent people and they never offer their service because they are waiting for more talented people to emerge, little ministry will get done.  Our willingness to present to God our ordinary abilities is the vital first step in God using, blessing, and multiplying our gifts and turning them into extra-ordinary means of reaching others to the glory of God.

As Christian leaders it is our very purpose in life to glorify God.  There is no greater privilege and no greater joy than to know that we are fulfilled by being His servants.  When we gladly and freely give ourselves to Him, God is pleased, we are fulfilled, and others are benefited.

When God is allowed to use us we become very extraordinary.  How amazing!  How ironic that such ordinary people can do such great things as servants of such an awesome God.  The first step in this process, is to be sure what is the gift God has given us.  Let us take that first step.

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I am a retired Lay Minister, acting as a prophet for God to understand the end times that is comingg and how to prepare for it.
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