Dealing with Life

Are you facing challenges in your life? Are you happy with your life? If not, read on. Well we would like to offer you some FREE help in dealing with them. We will provide you with guidance to live your life as a Christian. As a Christian you will develop a love affair with the creator and controller of this world we live in. Then as a result of that love affair we will show you how to improve the quality of your love affairs here on earth. Both of these love affairs will improve the quality of your life.

Who is in charge?

You can choose to live life under your control only. But everybody else will object. Or you can live within the rules that the rest of the world (Country, state, county, city, job, etc.) put in place. The trouble with doing that, is that it is very difficult. This happens because; there is a level of authority above all these. Some people call it society/culture/environment. We have to deal with the highest level.

Highest Authority

The level of authority that is the highest is the one who is responsible for the area of life you are dealing with. Since we are all living on earth; there needs to be some authority for the whole earth. I’m sure that you understand that someone created your watch, your car, etc.. Well what about the air you breath, the water you drink, etc.. These were created also. Most people call this creator, God. He is the person you should get to know and have a love affair with.

Have you looked out the window today? Seen any nature, sky, people and a lot more? Why are they all out in the world and how did they get out there. Have you ever wonder how all these things keep going without chaos taking place. There must be some controlling influence on all of what is out in the world. If there is any sense to all of this, and you understood some of these answers; then you might be able to make some sense of all this. And then you could act more appropriately.

Love Affair

The Boss created this universe and all that is in it because He wanted something to be proud of. Once He created all of this, He wanted to share His pride with others. He created beings that we called angels. They were able to share and acknowledge the creators pride. The Creator then decided that He wanted to share all of this with someone who can also share love with Him. He then created human beings who can choose to share love with him. Once you acknowledge that there is a highest level of authority and you choose to follow His rules, you will find that most other circumstances start to make sense, and are part of a overall plan. Not one free from challenges but one that provides you with a love affair and a lover to go through the challenges with you.

Your lover God will provide you with guidance on how to live life the best you can and with the greatest level of peace possible. Being a lover of the highest level gives you a chance to join Him in an eternal love fest.

Purpose for Life

Love is putting the other person’s needs as more important than ours. We do this, because we are depending on our lover to put our needs as more important than theirs. This is what we call a loving relationship. In this loving relationship, we find purpose and fulfillment. The quality of our life is improved. But this improvement requires that we also develop a sense of trust in the relationship. And this sense of trust requires that we also turn over control of our lives to our lover. Human beings were created for the purpose of having a love affair with their Creator.

But to have a love affair with someone, you must love them. In order to love someone we need to see the value of this love affair that will make up for the fact that we need to put the other parties needs, desires, etc., above our needs, desires, etc., as more important. When we do put someone else’s requirements above ours, we can then receive the full value of the love affair. In the case of having a love affair with God we receive a lot of value.


About georgehach

I am a retired Lay Minister, acting as a prophet for God to understand the end times that is comingg and how to prepare for it.
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