Many of the love affair requirements are spelled out in a book called the Bible, which provides guidance on what these love affair requirements are along with the benefits. But the main requirement is to show our love by placing God’s requirements first and accepting that He is in charge of our life. He requires that we follow his guidance. In exchange for following these requirements we receive, love, guidance, hope, an eternal love fest, gentleness, and love affairs with other God lovers and much more.

Christian Media

There are many resources that you can utilize to help you build the love affair to the level that offers you the best benefits. Beside the Bible there is Christian TV networks (Up) / Programs, Music groups, Books, Videos, Christian Internet sites, Christian organizations, and a lot more. But the most important guidance you will receive will be what God’s guidance and plans for helping you make the decision to make the choice to commit the control of your life to His control and to share love here on earth and in the eternal love fest. But as a result of the changes in your life, you will find that your relations with other humans will improve.


When we focus on our needs and desires, we have no problem with using deception to improve our life. In God’s family, deception does not please Him or others and therefore it is not considered a good thing. Lying only benefits us and therefore not God and others. To deal with truth, places us in harmony with our God and others and is called being pure of heart. And following this approach leads us to a more joyful and peace-full life with a higher quality of life. When we practice deception, we set as a goal, happiness at any cost.

Other Humans

One of the most effective ways to deepen your love relationship is to join Christian Small Groups within a Christian church. These small groups will help you greatly. They will allow you to ask questions you may have. See how others are coping with the challenges of life. You will also acquire opportunities to learn about your lover God and how others deal with Him. These small groups will provide you with friends who can be a mentor for you. And all of these will deepen your relationship with your lover God.

You will find that if you follow God’s plans for control of your life and sharing love; that the same principles will work well with having relationships with others. You will better understand how to have a love affair, and how to deal with the control within relationships. Other factors like the gentleness you will develop. Also you will learn how to deal with forgiveness, one of the most difficult emotions to deal with. You will learn as part of God’s control of your life, you will learn how to avoid such bad emotions as envy, overeating, etc.. All of these benefits will help you realize the quality of life that the Creator of this world wants for you.

Our Example

God offers within the Bible an example of what he expects of us as his lovers – Jesus Christ. He was able to live the human life with all of its challenges and complete the most difficult assignments and still follow God’s requirements such as love, hope (looking forward to the eternal love fest), faith (believing in these requirements), etc. By joining a community of God lovers, you can see other humans trying to have that love affair, sharing his love, practicing the trust required, living with the hope for the future, etc. Let’s look at participating within a community of God lovers.

Strength without Feeling

The world of power, pride, and personal independence requires its followers to have strength without feeling to reach success and to maintain it. God’s love affair requires us to have mercy, which is putting God’s and others needs and desires and success over ours. So, whatever happens, in relation to others, is under our lover God’s control; so we accept it as part of His plan for us. We can then easily forgive others and what they do to us. Our joy comes from pleasing our lover and others. Therefore we can grant mercy to others. And by dong this we are successful. This leads us to dealing with lying/deception.

Weak Commitment

Weak commitments, causes much chaos in this world; because no one is sure what to expect. The world orientation is focused on personal success being pursued without the world’s needs and desires. God as our lover wants us to have personal peace through loving Him and others. When we do this we become peacemakers and offer the world an entry into the world of peace and love we are sharing. This brings us a better quality of life and truly helps us deal with the challenges of life.


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I am a retired Lay Minister, acting as a prophet for God to understand the end times that is comingg and how to prepare for it.
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